An Anti-Bucket List, Guide to Life

Everyone has a bucket list stored somewhere in the back of their head but people don’t normally put the things they don’t want to do or things they don’t want together.

A person’s bucket list might say something life changing like to invent a new way of transportation,  to travel the world with only one suitcase or simply to eating a sushi in a buffet across the street. The bucket list is formed by a person who wishes for the things they cannot do in the moment because of different reasons. It is a constant reminder that you have not reached your full potential therefore you are left to dream. The bucket list is usually only accomplished by the people who are about to die or leave to another place, they take all their saved up money and spend it to fulfill their long life dream. One of the things in your bucket list may be going sky diving in the Himalayas, after doing so you may realize that your dream doesn’t last long. The opposite side to this is the anti-bucket list, a guide to a person’s everyday life. A person who is afraid of falling of a cliff may add “never stand on the edge of a cliff” in their list and this may guide them to avoid it and not fall to their death

In contrast to the ever famous bucket list, there is an anti-bucket list. You may ask why write an anti-bucket list if you can dream for the things you want to do?  It is a list of everything a person doesn’t want to do in their lifetime. It is a guide to do what you desire by avoiding what you do not. A bucket list is a dream that only a few people gets to fulfill but the anti bucket list is something a person have been doing but not realizing.  I have put together some of the items on my anti-bucket list:

  1. I hope to never live on the same house or street that I grew up on. I spent countless years looking out the window of my house seeing the same short guava tree in my front lawn. By staying in my house forever, life will feel like a routine that started ages ago. I want to be able to say that I saw the world.
  2. I hope to never try worms. In numerous countries, worms is a delicacy that they enjoy eating.  The texture and appearance may be appealing to other people but I hope to stay far away from it.
  3. I want to be able to control my life. Being in control of your own life should be a given in every person’s life. A life changing choice should be made by you alone.
  4. Never judge a book by it’s cover. Everyone has a story, seeing their outer appearance should not justify their whole life. A person may always look happy but in the inside their sadness may be eating them alive.
  5. Life is too short to regret anything. Every step a person should makes has be what they truly want or desire. I don’t want to have countless of sleepless night filled with the question of “what if?”.
  6. Never be alone in a big secluded place at night. Being the only person in a big area during night time is a scene that happens in multiple horror stories.

An anti-bucket list is easy to make by taking a piece of paper and start writing the things you hope to never do might reveal an important fact about yourself or make your life happier.


2 thoughts on “An Anti-Bucket List, Guide to Life

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  1. I love your perspective on anti-bucket lists! I’m currently writing an anti-bucket list as a blog and have never considered an anti-bucket list as “something a person has been doing but not realizing” as you put it, which is exactly what it is! I think this is an amazing way to interpret anti-bucket lists, as you made them seem positive and something to be proud of. You gave good advice in your list, such as never judging a book by it’s cover. I think of this as an important value to have in leading a good life. This post gave me a new attitude towards anti-bucket lists and I thank you for that.


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